Download Summary of FMCSA Final Rule

On December 10th, 2015 the FMCSA published the final rule mandating fleets to install Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) in all vehicles that are required to keep Record of Duty Status (RODS).

See ELD Mandate (Electronic On-Board Recorders and Hours of Service Supporting Documents)


The ELD mandate will replace the current rule, which requires drivers to retain paper logbooks to keep record of their HOS compliance. The mandate’s intent is to increase driver and public safety and stop drivers from misrepresenting their time on logbooks. The ELD mandate will go into effect in December 2017, which means now is the time for fleets to get an ELD solution in place.

According to FMCSA, the ELD rule will establish:

  • Minimum performance and design standards for hours-of-service (HOS) electronic logging devices (ELDs)
  • Requirements for the mandatory use of these devices by drivers currently required to prepare HOS Record of Duty Status (RODS)
  • Requirements concerning HOS supporting documents
  • Measures to address concerns about harassment resulting from the mandatory use of ELDs


Timeline for Compliance:
ELD Compliance Timeline 2015